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Eight Common Sites for Slip and Fall Accidents

Updated December 2, 2022 | By Wilson Kehoe Winingham staff

Everyone has tripped over something before, and a lot of the time you can walk away from the accident with minor embarrassment. When the injury is very serious, however, you might have grounds to pursue a slip and fall case.

If you have been hurt after slipping or falling in a public place—whether you were hurt because of a fall or the instinctive reaction you had trying to catch yourself—it is possible to recover damages for your injuries.

Eight Common Sites

Where you were injured can change everything from the kinds of damages that are available to you to the liability rules that apply to your case. Take a look at these public places where slip and fall injuries are common.

Parking Lots and Garages

Anything could happen as you’re walking to and from your car. Depending on the hours and how well a lot is maintained, there might not be a lot of light for you to see hazards. Outdoor parking lots and those that haven’t had any recent touch-ups could be cracked, uneven, and have potholes. Wheel stops that are meant slow traffic could also trip you and potentially lead to injuries.


Depending on how and where you get injured at work, worker’s compensation could cover at least part of your damages. However, some cases of employer negligence could mean that it becomes a slip and fall case instead.

In certain industries, there are a lot of hazards, ranging from slick surfaces to narrow pathways. An employee who wasn’t trained properly in a dangerous industry like manufacturing or construction might also have a case if they were injured doing something that was not adequately explained. An attorney would be able to tell you if your case falls under Indiana’s workers’ compensation laws or if it’s a personal injury case.

Sidewalks and Walkways

Defective sidewalks, or those that haven’t been repaired or maintained, could present tripping hazards like cracks or potholes. Certain weather conditions, such as rain or snow, can make walking on outdoor walkways a safety risk: In snowy or icy seasons, the property owner is responsible for making sure their walkways are properly shoveled and iced for the safety of the people entering and leaving their business.

Hotels and Resorts

Like any business, hotels and resorts need to take action to ensure their guests remain safe. However, they see a lot of foot traffic. Anything from loose carpeting to wet floors can be a hazard.

Public Spaces with Wet Surfaces

Public swimming pools, parks, gyms, and even restrooms can pose a risk for slips and falls. All of those public spaces have the capacity for wet floors and surfaces.

Bars and Restaurants

A nice meal or a few drinks could turn into an accident if the restaurant you’re eating at has debris on the floor. Food and drinks end up on restaurant floors all the time, and a particularly slippery dish could result in a fall.

Grocery Stores and Other Retailers

Slip and fall cases at grocery stores or other retailers can arise from any of the following situations:

  • Unmarked wet spots from freshly mopped or waxed floors
  • Loose floorboards
  • Messy floors from merchandise such as clothing, food, or beverages
  • Leaks from a broken refrigerator or freezer

Slip and fall cases with a retailer defendant are particularly complex when it comes to proving responsibility. If you want to seek a settlement in a case like this, an attorney will be able to help you navigate the particulars.


Regardless of where they are located, staircases can cause various injuries due to a few reasons:

  • Steps are wet and icy from weather conditions
  • Staircases were poorly constructed
  • Staircases are not maintained
  • Staircases don’t have handrails

Any of these conditions, or a combination of them, could cause you to slip or fall.

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