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How Much Is My Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

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Updated February 21, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |


Because every motorcycle accident is different, determining your claim’s worth is split between two types of damages or losses: special damages and general damages.

What is the difference between Special Damages and General Damages?

Special damages can pinpoint an exact dollar amount, while general damages—also referred to as pain and suffering—can’t be calculated.

Special damages are monetary losses such as medical expenses and lost wages. For pain and suffering, on the other hand, there aren’t strict guidelines to determine a specific dollar amount. If your case goes to trial, the amount of money you’re awarded depends entirely on the jury; what they decide is appropriate is the amount of money you’ll get. You can go to trial and state your expectation, but there’s no guarantee.

Can Motorcycle Insurance Help Cover Costs?

In most cases after a motorcycle accident, your insurance will cover many of your expenses. However, it typically won’t cover your lost wages, missed opportunities, or pain and suffering. There may be large deductibles you will have to pay before coverage begins. Some motorcycle insurance policies have limits on the amount they’ll pay to accident victims.

Where Does Liability Fall?

Before you take any legal action after your motorcycle accident, think about liability (who was at fault for the crash) and damages (injuries or losses in relation to the motorcycle accident). If the other driver was not negligent or you can’t prove the accident was their fault, you likely can’t pursue a lawsuit for injuries or monetary losses. If you aren’t quite sure who was at fault, you’re not alone. Accidents are complicated, especially motorcycle accidents.

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