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July 13, 2015 | Medical Malpractice |


Diagnosis-related errors are more common than most of us want to ever think about. In fact, there are more medical malpractice suits filed as a result of diagnosis errors than nearly any other type of malpractice suit in the United States.

Diagnosis Mistakes Can Be Malpractice

Imagine going to your doctor because you have specific symptoms. They tell you that you are suffering from the flu, pneumonia, or another respiratory illness but you find out later that you actually have lung cancer. The delay in diagnosing your condition also means a delay in obtaining the correct treatment.

Some studies show that more than ten percent of all medical errors are as a result of diagnosis problems. Cases in which a mistake in diagnosis can qualify as medical malpractice include making the wrong diagnosis, delayed diagnosis, and emergency room diagnosis.

Making the Wrong Diagnosis

When doctors misdiagnose your health issue, it means that you have symptoms that indicate one problem but you are diagnosed with a different problem. Misdiagnosis can lead to serious medical complications and can be a candidate for medical malpractice lawsuits.

Delayed Diagnosis

Heart issues, cancer, or other illnesses that are not diagnosed immediately can result in additional health problems—and in serious cases, even death.

Emergency Room Diagnosis

Many of us have to depend on emergency rooms for care when we suddenly develop scary medical symptoms. Unfortunately, these facilities are equipped to deal with sudden illness and not necessarily equipped to make an accurate diagnosis. Some studies show that appendicitis is diagnosed incorrectly in more than one-half of children under the age of twelve. Pulmonary embolism, meningitis, and heart attacks may also be regularly misdiagnosed in an emergency room.

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