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Indianapolis DNA Lab Hopes to Cut Medical Malpractice with More Accurate Testing

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April 10, 2015 | Medical Malpractice |


About once a week, Strand Analytical Laboratories finds an error with a biopsy specimen, including contaminated samples and switched samples. Biopsy errors can result in misdiagnoses, according to a recent report from The Associated Press. And misdiagnoses can lead to medical malpractice as well as painful procedures that aren’t necessary.

DNA Company Working to Prevent False Positives

Strand, which is located in Indianapolis, was started by former Marion County Prosecutor Scott Newman. Originally, the lab was used to run DNA tests on crime scene evidence. Now, crimes only account for about 10 percent of the company’s work. The rest of the work is spent using its Know Errors technology to prevent false positives in cancer biopsies and help doctors avoid operating on patients who don’t need an operation.

The idea for the technology was born after company officials watched a news report about a man in Boston who underwent prostate surgery after his biopsy was switched with that of a man who had cancer. The realization was made at that time that forensics technology could easily be converted to a clinical setting. The Know Errors system has been used on the breast and prostate biopsies of about 175,000 patients.

The Cost of a Medical Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnoses in prostate biopsies occur about 2.5 percent of the time, and one in every 200 patients will receive a misdiagnosis. In all, this adds up to about $879.9 million spent on unnecessary treatments, the majority of which is legal expenditures.

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It’s great to see technology that will help ensure patients receive the care they need and not have treatments meant for someone else. However, errors still occur, and when they do, damages can be life changing.

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