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What Are the Common Causes of Tractor Accidents?

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Updated February 20, 2020 | Farming Accidents |


Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries in the world, and farming accidents and injuries are, unfortunately, common. According to the National Safety Council, tractor accidents are the leading cause of death and injury for farmers and agricultural workers.

It is important for tractor operators to understand the different types of tractor accidents and how they are caused so that the proper safety measures can be followed.

What are some types of Tractor Accidents?

Farmers who operate tractors can be seriously injured in tractor accidents caused by rollovers, runovers, moving parts, and collisions.


The most common type of tractor accident is when a tractor rolls over. Tractors are top-heavy, which makes rollover incidents more likely to happen. They can additionally be caused by poor hitching, traveling up a steep incline, holes in the road or field, excessive speed when turning, or driving too close to ditches.


Some tractors have ignition switches located in areas that are easy to reach from the ground, so farmers may start the vehicle while standing next to it. However, if the tractor starts to move before the farmer can sit in the operating seat, the machine could runover the driver and other people nearby.

Moving Parts

Tractors have various moving parts attached to the vehicle. If a farmer’s hands, feet, or clothing get caught or tangled up in the mechanisms, they can be hurt or killed.


When tractors hit tree limbs, other vehicles, or objects in their path, the driver or people in the immediate area could be injured. Since tractors are such large vehicles, any collision can be dangerous.

How do you Prevent Tractor Accidents?

Most types of tractor accidents can be prevented when tractor operators follow safety measures and exercise caution while operating the machine. Consider these guidelines to help prevent tractor accidents:

  • Wear a safety belt
  • Only start a tractor after you are seated in the operator’s seat
  • Keep your hands, feet, and clothing away from moving parts of the machine
  • Use and maintain rollover protection equipment (safety belts, roll bars, etc.)
  • Be aware of obstructions in the tractor’s path (tree limbs, vehicles, etc.)
  • Use caution when driving a tractor on a hill or slope

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