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Tips to Avoid a Farming Accident

Updated September 6, 2019 | By Wilson Kehoe Winingham staff

Farming accidents are extremely common, yet preventable most of the time. Farm accidents are at their peak in June, July, and August—the most active period of crop production and harvest. So, be sure to use these farming safety tips in order to protect yourself, your workers, and anyone near or on your farm.

1.  Develop and Use a Safety Checklist

Maintain the farm property and equipment. Walk through the farm and make a list of equipment, platforms, handrails, and pathways that need attention. Repair and replace equipment and farming structures as needed.

2.  Have a Farm Safety and Emergency Plan

Create a list of important safety checks to make throughout the year. Construct a communication plan and step-by-step protocol for what to do in the case of an emergency. Once you develop your farm safety and emergency plan, make sure everyone understands it and is on board.

3.  Train All Employees Using Any Equipment or Products

Read all manuals frequently, and have employees review how to use machinery by reading the manuals as well. Never allow anyone on farming equipment without proper training and prior supervision, and teach all employees about the dangers of toxic chemicals. Review the types and causes of farming accidents and how to prevent them with employees.

4.  Stay up to Date on Farming Laws and Requirements

Become familiar with requirements of the Indiana code and recommendations from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Ag Safety Database (NASD). Stay up to date on all lighting, marking, and other requirements.

5.  Be Aware of the Types and Causes of Farming Accidents

Research and understand the common types and causes of farming accidents.

Farming accidents can include dangerous chemical exposure and farm equipment injuries, and such accidents can be caused by defective farming equipment, missing product labels or equipment warnings, farm structure or equipment falls, improper training, and more.

For more information, read our blog about different types of farming accidents or our FAQ about the causes of farming accidents.

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