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Bicycle Accident Information & Statistics

September 18, 2013


Spring has officially sprung and we’ve experienced record heat for this time of year.  Not only does that mean flowers have bloomed, but more bicyclists have gotten an early start on exercising and commuting to and from work. 

Indianapolis currently has 64 miles of bike lanes.  Within the next few years, Indianapolis hopes to increase that number to more than 200 miles.  Realistically, the increase in bike lanes means more bicycles on our roadways.  We wanted to share some important information and statistics with you about bicycle safety.

  • Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 85%
  • Motorists must maintain 3′ distance when passing.
  • Injuries on bicycles result in 580,000 emergency room visits each year.
  • Bicycle deaths in 2010: 618
  • 91% of those killed were not wearing helmets.
  • Total cost of bicycle injury and death is over $4 billion per year.

It’s hard not to notice the increase in bike lanes.  Do you know what the road markings and signs mean?  Not sure how and when to cross a bike lane to make a right-hand turn?  Watch the short video below by SustainIndy.


Indianapolis Bike Lanes 2012

In closing, to be as safe as possible, wear a helmet and stay alert at all times.  It would also be a good idea to leave the MP3 player at home so you’re able to hear traffic noise and sirens.  For motorists, be extra cautious and remember to double and triple check before entering or exiting a roadway.


 Wilson Kehoe Winingham brings you this information with best regards for you and your family’s safety.

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