Updated May 29, 2020

How Can Bicyclists Stay Safe on the Road?

Summer is the season for getting outside, having fun, and enjoying the beautiful weather. Bicycling is an excellent way to do exactly that while staying in shape and making protecting the environment.

But how can you stay safe while cycling and make sure you keep others safe as well? Start by following these tips.

How Can I Improve Bicycle Safety on the Road?

As a rule, no matter what you’re driving or riding, everyone should follow reasonable rules of the road. Show everyone else respect, look out for one another, and drive or ride defensively.

Safety Tips for Drivers

Bikes are small and easy to miss in mirrors and blind spots. They are also slower than cars, but they have the same rights to the road that motorists do.

Car drivers should check thoroughly, including in mirrors and blind spots, for any cyclists before they make any moves in traffic. You should always be focused on the road and looking for cyclists—especially during the summer when more bicycles are on the road.

Safety Tips for Cyclists

Cyclists need to keep their eyes open as well and follow the traffic laws just like any other vehicle.

Traffic, in general, can be hazardous, but be especially watchful for oncoming traffic and turning cars that might not be able to see you. Be as visible as possible by wearing bright, reflective clothing and making sure that your bike has reflectors and lights.

Also, make sure that you’re wearing a helmet in case you do crash: They can reduce your chances of sustaining a dangerous head injury.

How Can I Get Involved in Bike Safety?

National Bike Safety Awareness Month happens across the United States in May, not just in Indiana. When many people come together, amazing things can happen, and the same is true of cyclists. Whether you’re a new rider or someone who’s been at it for a while, spend this month challenging yourself, your colleagues, and your community.

Whether this means getting out on your bicycle more often, raising your voice for improving biking conditions in your area, or spreading safety and education information, there are ways to get involved and save lives.

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