Who Is Responsible for Maintaining a Safe Construction Site?

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Whose responsibility is it to make a construction job site safe? This is a question that always comes up in construction liability cases.

Typically, people look first to the person that was injured, especially a defendant insurance company trying to place blame on the worker was injured. In reality, certainly workers on job sites have some level of responsibility for their own personal safety.

But usually, in a construction liability setting, there is another layer of safety responsibility that can be held liable for keeping a job site safe. Most construction sites, especially larger ones, have something called a safety manager or a safety-competent person under OSHA, and that person is the person who is supposed to be walking through the job site and making sure things are as safe as possible. This person is also usually responsible for things such as safety meetings and also coordinating activities between the different contractors to make sure that things are operating as safely as possible. This can involve things like crane movements, making sure that people are barricaded or quartered off from certain areas of the job site where dangerous work is occurring.

Usually, this safety manager is somebody who is associated with a general contractor or construction manager on the job site. It’s their job to make sure, as much as possible or as reasonably as possible, that the job site is safe for those workers on the job site.

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