Cases Against Donald Cline, Fertility Doctor

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Who is Donald Cline?

Donald Cline is a former fertility doctor who practiced in Indianapolis from the late ’70s until his retirement in 2009. Donald Cline secretly, and without consent, used his own sperm to inseminate many of his patients and has thus fathered more than 90 known children. His conduct was the subject of the Netflix documentary, Our Father.

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What is known about the Donald Cline lawsuits?

Only a few civil, medical malpractice cases have been filed and resolved against Dr. Cline and his medical group. The cases are civil cases, meaning the individuals have sought civil damages, or compensation, for the injuries suffered as a result of the doctor’s conduct. There are likely many more civil cases that can, and will, be pursued against Dr. Cline.

Guidance for Fertility Malpractice

Generally, the statute of limitations for civil medical malpractice cases in Indiana is two years from the date of the malpractice. However, there are sometimes exceptions to those limitations, such as when an injury is discovered after the initial two-year period and could, or should, not have been discovered prior to the expiration of those two years.  If that exception applies, the individual generally may have a longer period of time to file a civil lawsuit. Those concerned should not delay. 

WKW Attorney Discusses Cline Cases

WKW’s Kent Winingham recently appeared on the Indianapolis news station FOX59 to discuss the cases brought against Donald Cline.


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