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Our main office is in Indianapolis, but we oftentimes go all around the state to represent people no matter where an accident may occur and no matter where a person may live and where a case needs to be filed. We’ve had a lot of experience in Bloomington and Monroe County, and we’d be happy to come and meet you in those areas.

We do offer a free consultation, and also we don’t charge any attorney fees until we have obtained compensation for you and your case.

Bloomington has been an active place for our law firm. We’ve had good success there. A couple of cases that come to my mind are a boating accident on Monroe Reservoir. We had a client who was a DNR agent, and he was in small boat. He was smashed into by a person driving very fast in a much larger boat. Our client had a brain injury. Even though he had a brain injury and the liability seemed to be clearly with the other driver, the other driver’s insurance company would not pay to get the case settled, so we had to go to trial. We had a good verdict in Monroe County, and the verdict was promptly paid by the insurance company.

Another case that comes to my mind is a product liability case in which a woman was driving her car, lost control, went off the road, hit a telephone pole, and her airbags should have gone off, but they didn’t. She died as a result. So our case was against the product manufacturer for the airbag not deploying, and that case was settled at mediation. It was a good result, and that case worked out well.

Personally, I have fond memories of Bloomington because I went to IU (Indiana University) as an undergrad, so I know the beautiful IU campus very well, and I know the Bloomington area. Now, when I was there, a new, young basketball coach, who we thought was a boring, defensive-minded coach showed up on the scene. His name was Bobby Knight, and he turned out to be not-quite-so boring. We all know the rest of the story with Coach Knight, but I was at IU when he came.

Some friends of ours and my wife after I graduated, would oftentimes go down to the Hardin Ridge campground, which, if you don’t know, is a beautiful federal campground in Monroe County. We would camp there and enjoy Monroe Reservoir and all the wonderful areas around it.

Both personally and professionally, we have great memories and great feelings and experiences in Bloomington and Monroe County. We would be happy to go back to Bloomington and Monroe County to represent anybody who would need an attorney for an injury case there.

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Client Testimonials:

"Bill, Jon and Megan made me feel comfortable right away. They listened, then asked question. They explained what they could do for me very clearly, defining the parameters of their service and possible outcomes. I would recommend the firm to any of my friends and family members."

Nancy Z.

"Bruce and his staff did an amazing job on my case and had everything so well put together that it truly made a difference during settlement time. I would recommend this group to any one."

Chase Pitcock

"Amazing team, and caring. Always there to answer any questions I had. Handled my case very quickly, never cutting corners. Best people to have on your side in the worst time in your life"

Jessica Maxwell

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