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When Summer Fun Goes South: Broken Neck from Diving into a Swimming Pool

August 3, 2015 Personal Injury

Summer fun is here, and many people take to the water to have fun while the sun shines. Unfortunately, a day at the pool will turn tragic for a few. Each year in the United States, diving injuries cost nearly $1.8 billion in losses for medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Diving Safety

Most public pools have an area designated for diving, and posted warnings in the parts of the pool not deep enough to dive safely. Far fewer private, backyard pools have such signage. Lighting is also an important element of pool safety, particularly underwater lighting.

Legal Action After Breaking Your Neck While Diving

In most cases, the diver is responsible for his or her own actions. However, property owners have a certain responsibility to their guests to provide safe premises. If, for instance, a diving board is improperly installed or is installed over water not deep enough for safe diving, this would be an example of negligence on the part of the property owner.

In short, if you had reason to believe it was safe to dive into a pool, and injured yourself while diving, you may have a legal claim for damages. Property owners should have proper signage warning where it is unsafe to dive, even if no diving board is present. A failure to warn of danger is, in most cases, legally negligent.

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