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Pedestrian Accidents on the rise in Indiana and Nationwide

August 29, 2016 Automobile Accidents

Pedestrian CrosswalkA report from this spring that looks at preliminary crash data for 2015 suggests an unhappy trend: For the first half of last year, pedestrian deaths surged, pointing toward a likely 10 percent jump for the full year over 2014. These numbers would be a national confirmation of what the state of Indiana has already recognized. The annual traffic report issued by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) showed ninety-five pedestrian fatalities in 2015, a nearly 22 percent increase over the previous year.

More Incidents, More Attention

The most serious pedestrian incidents, those which result in a fatality, have been on the rise nearly every year since 2010. In fact, since their recent low in 2009, pedestrian deaths are up 90 percent in Indiana. Why this has been happening, no one is sure, but the problem has been receiving increased attention. About a year ago, the local nonprofit organization Health by Design issued a report detailing the ten most dangerous areas for pedestrians in Indianapolis. Not much has been done about the locations on this list yet, but the city and state have been paying attention to the overall problem. Just last week, ground was broken on a project that will add two miles of sidewalk to a dangerous stretch of Georgetown Road, including access ramps and additional crosswalks.

Never Far from the News

If you follow the news in our area, you probably already know how common pedestrian injuries and deaths are. In March, a woman was killed after at least two vehicles—one of which fled the scene—struck her. In July, a woman was killed in Hamilton County after two cars consecutively hit her as she tried to cross a road early in the morning. Only a week after that, a semi-truck killed a man just a few miles away. Last week, a man was severely injured and hospitalized in Indianapolis while walking to work.

These Indiana residents join a long list of those killed or injured in car and truck crashes. The US Department of Transportation calculated that in 2014, the most recent year with complete data, around 65,000 pedestrians were injured and more than 4,800 killed in similar accidents. Cars continue to get safer for their drivers and passengers, with advanced features such as airbags, automatic braking, and collision avoidance systems, but little has been done to protect those at risk outside the vehicle. Roadway fatalities have been mostly holding steady in recent years, despite there being more vehicles on the road, but the percentage of those killed who are on foot has been steadily increasing.

Indianapolis Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

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