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Minor Injuries Can Become Major Injuries

April 3, 2015 Automobile Accidents

Recently, more than a dozen people were injured in a downtown Indianapolis bus crash. According to an article from the Indy Star, the bus — which was carrying twenty people — was traveling eastbound through an intersection when it was struck by a southbound van which had ran a red light. The bus then hit, and knocked over, a traffic light.Minor Injuries Can Become Major Injuries

The good news is that the fourteen individuals from the bus who were transported to area hospitals were all listed in good condition. However, sometimes injuries that seemed minor can have serious and long-lasting effects.

Whiplash, for example, is a common injury resulting from an accident. It can occur through either high impact or low impact collisions. According to the website Spine-health, whiplash injuries most commonly occur from “rear-end” collisions and can come with a variety of other issues, including joint dysfunction and disc herniation. Though it normally heals without much difficulty, in some cases it can cause faulty movement patterns, chronic pain, and even impact the victim’s mental function.

Another risk with “minor injuries” is a bump on the head that initially seems minor but later reveals itself as quite serious. A 2009 CNN report discussed this issue, stating that sometimes a patient can appear completely normal after an accident or other minor head injury. However, there may be a brain bleed that doesn’t show symptoms until hours or even days later. At that point, the minor bump to the head has become a traumatic brain injury.

Even minor lacerations run the risk of becoming more serious. There is always a chance of infection when a cut is involved. Though hospitals will provide treatments to prevent such infections, they can still happen and they can still be physically and financially damaging.

Even minor accidents and minor injuries can be difficult to deal with. No matter how minor you believe your injuries are, we recommend seeing a doctor immediately after an accident. If your minor injuries become major injuries that require future medical bills, remember, in Indiana, you have two years to file a lawsuit after an accident. If you’d like more information concerning car accidents, and injuries, contact one of our personal injury lawyers today.

Photo Credit: Robert Scheer, IndyStar (@bobscheer)

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