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Doctors are People Too (And People Make Mistakes)

August 3, 2015 Info Articles, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury

As a rule, we look up to doctors and other medical professionals. They’re smart, hardworking people who have put in a lot of studying and training. They, presumably, went into medicine to help people. These are admirable qualities.

That said, doctors are still people—and people occasionally make mistakes. If a physician, nurseIndianapolis, IN Medical Malpractice Law Firm or other medical professional makes a mistake on the job, the results can be devastating for his or her patient. In some cases, the patient or the patient’s loved ones may decide legal help is necessary to recover the losses caused by a medical mistake.

It’s Not Personal

When a doctor’s negligence harms a patient, there is usually no intent to harm. Of course, that does nothing to relieve or remedy the unfortunate results of a medical error. Likewise, when a patient decides her or she needs to file a lawsuit after a doctor’s mistake, it’s generally not because the patient wants to retaliate.

It’s not a personal grudge; it’s justice. If a doctor’s error causes you harm, you’re going to suffer losses. You deserve compensation for those losses.

Filing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Indiana law treats medical malpractice cases in a slightly different way than ordinary personal injury suits. The process begins with a proposed complaint filed with the Indiana Department of Insurance. Your attorney will present the file to a medical review panel made up of practitioners who would be in a similar position to the defendant in your case.

Whether your doctor’s error caused a treatable condition from which you eventually recover, or a serious, permanent disability, you deserve justice. Don’t let your admiration for doctors or a fear of hurting your family physician’s feelings prevent you from seeking legal help. If you entrusted a doctor with your health and you feel he or she made a mistake that harmed you, the law protects patients like you. After all, this is why doctors carry malpractice insurance. They know they’re human and that mistakes happen.

It’s not personal.

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