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Are New Traffic Lights Confusing Drivers?

May 13, 2015 Automobile Accidents

While driver negligence is a common cause of car accidents, other things can cause them too. An investigation is currently taking place into an Indianapolis accident that many believe was caused by confusing traffic lights.

Are New Traffic Lights Confusing Drivers?According to a report from WISHTV8, one woman was killed in a recent crash at an intersection on the city’s south side and two others were injured. The crash occurred after new traffic lights were installed at the intersection in mid-April. A sign next to the light instructs drivers to yield when the light is flashing yellow. However, as many drivers are used to having the right of way at a flashing yellow light, witnesses believed the driver was confused as to whether to stop or go.

The report states that in Colorado, authorities are actually removing flashing yellow lights due to the confusion they present to drivers. Meanwhile, however, Indiana’s Department of Transportation has plans to install these lights all across the state. The department will investigate the safety of the intersection — which has been described as very busy — as is standard procedure following an accident.

The Indiana Division of Transportation (INDOT) takes complaints for all state roads, US highways and interstates. If you have a concern with one of these roads, please call (317)232-5333 or fill out an online concern form at

If you have a complaint about one of the city roads in Indianapolis, contact the Mayor’s Action Center at (317)327-4622 or online at

If you live outisde of Marion County and have a complaint, log on to to find the correct contact number for your city/county.

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