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An Injury Lawyer Discusses Pool Safety – Is Your Pool Up To Par?

June 8, 2015 Info Articles, Personal Injury

An Injury Lawyer Discusses Pool Safety - Is Your Pool Up To Par?A personal injury lawyer sees first hand all of the damage and heartbreak from a tragic, yet preventable accident. It is especially heart-wrenching when the death of a child is the result of someone’s carelessness.

During the summer months over 250 children will die, or become seriously injured, from accidents in and around swimming pools, according to the American Red Cross.

Too many pool owners don’t do their part when it comes to pool safety. Oddly enough, more attention is given to the pool’s routine maintenance than it is to the pool’s safety.

How safe is your swimming pool?

Find out now with this pool safety checklist provided by the American Red Cross.

1. Have a fence that is at least four feet high around the perimeter of the pool with a gate that is self-closing.

2. Every pool needs a pool alarm that alerts you when anything falls into the water.

3. Cover the pool not in use, and remove all ladders.

4. Children must have a responsible adult with them at all times when in or near the pool. The adult must stay alert and keep all eyes on the water when anyone is in the pool. No one should ever swim alone.

5. Have life jackets on hand for small children to wear that are Coast Guard approved.

6. All members of the household should know how to swim, and know what to do in case of any emergency poolside.

7. Clean water is crystal clear and not murky or cloudy.  Test the water frequently so there isn’t too much or too little chemical in the water. This can cause little ones much distress with rashes, ear infections and disease as the end result of swimming in an unkempt pool.

8. Place a list of rules in the pool area and make sure everyone understands them. Go over the rules before anyone enters the water, even if they know what the rules are. Don’t give any child the chance to forget how to behave around the pool.

Safety should be your #1 priority if you have a pool. Follow these tips from the Red Cross to avoid injuries. If you have questions regarding an injury or preventing an injury around a pool, contact us.

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