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May 26, 2017 | Auto Accidents |

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May means the start of summer vacation for a lot of teenagers. Prom and graduation are also on the agenda for high school seniors. Whether they’re driving themselves to these events or just plan on getting out more now that school is over for the year, your teenager is likely to spend a lot more time behind the wheel of their car during the summer.

For this reason, the summer months in between school years can be some of the most dangerous for teen drivers.

This is why May is also National Youth Traffic Safety Awareness Month. The car accident attorneys at Wilson Kehoe Winingham want to make sure you and your child know what this month is all about. Here are all of the things that National Youth Traffic Safety Month aims to do to raise awareness and keep young drivers safe.

Get Students Involved

National Youth Traffic Safety Month is sponsored partly by the National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE). SAVE is a peer-to-peer organization that stresses the importance of positive peer influences and active involvement. Peer-to-peer communication is often received better than adult-to-teen communication. Encouraging young people to take charge of their own safety and the safety of their friends can be more effective, instead of a parent or teacher giving them another lesson.

Getting involved means more solutions designed for teens, by teens, and gives them the independence and responsibility they want while keeping them as safe as possible.

Educate and Promote Safe Driving

One of National Youth Traffic Safety Awareness Month’s goals is to educate teens about the consequences of unsafe driving behaviors and to encourage safer practices. This is accomplished through activities, projects, and programs designed to help spread awareness and get teens talking about road safety. Learning how to use road safety skills and following common-sense guidelines—no texting while driving, for instance—goes a long way toward reducing the number of teen driving accidents, injuries, and deaths.

In addition to getting teens involved, this campaign hopes to empower them to put these skills into practice and reach out to their peers. As long as young people have the knowledge and skills to get involved, they can provide an invaluable service not only to themselves and their peers but also to their communities.

Encourage Conversations

This campaign has gotten a lot of people talking: partnerships with government, corporations, school officials, law enforcement, parents, and teenagers. This means that a lot of people have the opportunity to have conversations about automobile safety. Never underestimate the importance of having a conversation with your child at home, though.

You might be worried about getting through to your teenager, but talking to them about the dangers that the road poses and encouraging them to pay attention will go a long way. They might think they know everything right now, but if your lessons help them avoid an accident, they will appreciate it.

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Safety campaigns can only go so far. If you or someone you love gets into a car accident, you shouldn’t have to face it alone. No one comes away from a car accident unchanged: accidents are almost always physically, emotionally, or financially stressful on families and individuals.

Car accident cases are common, but each one is unique. If you have experienced an automobile accident in the Indianapolis area, WKW can help you build your car accident case. To talk about a free, no-obligation consultation on your options, call us at 317.920.6400 or fill out an online form.

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