Truck accidents happen, more often than we would like. Speed is often a factor since everyone seems to be in a hurry these days. Many accidents could be easily avoided if everyone slowed down and paid more attention.Three Tips To Avoid An Accident With a Truck

Here are some tips to avoid an accident with a big truck.

  • If you can’t see the truck driver, he can’t see you. Though this should be common knowledge, people are too busy and distracted when they are driving to think about it. You really need to remember that a truck driver can’t see you if you can’t see him. You don’t want to stay in truck driver’s blind spot for very long. You want to be seen!
  • Watch out when a truck is turning. Big trucks turn wide so be sure to give them plenty of space to turn. Do not get in their way. Do not cut them off and try to go around them!
  • It takes longer for a big truck to stop. It is important to remember that a big truck can’t stop as quickly as a car can. Because of this, you should always maintain enough distance around a big truck so that you don’t get hit by a truck if you need to slam on your brakes. You should never pull in front of a truck because it takes them a much longer time to stop.

Though many tips to avoid accidents with a truck seem like common sense, when everyone is rushing and in a hurry, people don’t always think clearly. They don’t always leave enough space between vehicles. They don’t worry about blind spots and think about leaving enough space for turning trucks. Because of this, accidents happen. So, slow down and drive carefully!

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