Tap Beer at Kroger Asking for Personal Injury Claim?

In a marketing move to try to best their competition, grocery chain Kroger is installing in-store beer taps in some of their stores. The new beer taps are aimed at bringing craft brew enthusiasts into their supermarkets. No Indianapolis stores are currently on the short list of Indiana stores who will be getting the taps.

Kroger stores with taps will be offering pints, tasters, growlers and growler refills to their customers.

Critics wonder if Kroger might be opening themselves up to a new flurry of personal injury lawsuits, as intoxicated customers are more likely to injure themselves while shopping—and could attempt to place blame on the store and its policies. Additionally, since people generally drive home from supermarkets, Kroger could find itself facing legal action from victims of drunk driving accidents.

Time will tell of Kroger’s safety policies will prove stringent enough to protect them from liability in such suits.

You can read more on the chain’s plans to cater to craft brew enthusiasts here.

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