Construction Accidents and Pedestrian SafetyConstruction sites pose many hazards and unsafe conditions, not only for construction workers, but for pedestrians in the area as well.

According to The New York Times, a 37 year-old woman was fatally injured while walking near a construction site in Greenwich Village, New York.

While walking on a busy sidewalk, the woman was struck by a large piece of plywood security fencing that surrounded the construction site.  The 4 x 8′ piece of plywood was loose and blew across the street hitting and pinning her against a brick wall.  She suffered major head trauma and lacerations.  She later passed away.

Workers were in the process of renovating a building into a 200 unit condominium complex.  Construction was ordered to stop immediately following the accident.  The contractor received violations for failure to safeguard the property and for failing to provide plans for its construction fence.  Prior to this accident, the property owner, construction company and contractors have had numerous safety violations and citations, including a citation for falling debris which hit a pedestrian in the head.

Construction accidents involving pedestrians are not uncommon.  A pedestrian can sustain injuries from falling objects, debris on sidewalks, collapses, explosions, fires and hazardous substances.  The Occupational Safety & Health Administration strictly requires contractors, employers and construction workers to abide by certain safety and health regulations and be fully trained in the recognition, avoidance and prevention of unsafe conditions at the work site.  If these regulations and standards are followed and practiced correctly, it will keep the construction site and workers safer from dangerous conditions, including pedestrians as well.

If you were a pedestrian and injured in a construction or work zone, please contact us for more information on how we can help you get the compensation you deserve. We offer a free case evaluation and charge no fees unless we recover on your behalf.

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