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Indiana Workplace Injury, Illness, and Death Rates Drop Again

Updated May 3, 2023 | By Wilson Kehoe Winingham staff

Important news sometimes slips under the radar because it isn’t dramatic, or it simply gets pushed aside because too many other things are happening. That’s probably why most people missed some important statistics showing that Indiana’s workplace illnesses, injuries, and on-the-job fatalities matched or beat their historically low levels in 2015. The news went uncelebrated in most quarters, but it’s something to be proud of.

Encouraging Numbers

Data is sometimes slow to be collected and reported, and the Indiana Department of Labor only released their 2015 statistics toward the end of 2016. But the numbers were worth waiting for: In 2015, only 3.8 workers out of every one hundred had a job-related illness or injury that caused them to miss work. That tied with 2013’s as the lowest rate on record and is down by nearly two-thirds since the data started being tracked in this form.

What’s more, fatal accidents on the job were also historically low. While that figure—115 in 2015—is still tragically high, it tied the record low from 2012 as the safest year yet. All these numbers are good news for Indiana workers.

Safer Doesn’t Mean Completely Safe

These rates are lower than they’ve ever been, but even so, nearly 90,000 Hoosiers were hit by a serious injury or illness on the job that year. Most of these don’t get news coverage, but we commonly see reports of the most spectacular incidents, such as the worker who was critically injured when a crane tipped over in September or the Indiana Beach employee struck by a roller-coaster car that same month. With an average of over 240 serious worker injuries each day, only high-profile cases such as these get noticed. But every worker counts.

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