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WKW Makes Donation to RHIF

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Updated June 23, 2019 |

In December 2012, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to share our page. In return, we pledged to donate $1 to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana Foundation (RHIF) for each new follower.

Thanks to the amazing response of our social media community, we gained more than 1,000 new followers and were able to donate $1,200! Pictured is Jim Graham (left), executive director of RHIF, and WKW marketing coordinator Matt Houston.


Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana

WKW has been a long-time supporter and contributor to the Dr. Lisa Thompson Center for Family Education at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI). The Center is dedicated to assisting traumatic brain injury patients and their families. The RHIF is an essential member of the RHI caregiving team.

RHI is the largest rehabilitation provider in Indiana. Founded in 1992 and located on the west side of Indianapolis, their facility provides inpatient, acute, outpatient, and vocational rehabilitation services for adults with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, strokes, amputations, orthopedic conditions, neuromuscular diseases, burns, and related disabilities. Annually, RHI treats 2,500 inpatients, has over 17,000 outpatient visits, and serves individuals from all 92 counties in Indiana as well as people from Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Kentucky.


These patients come to RHI not as a place of convalescence or as a long term home but as a stepping stone back to functionality. Whether they contracted an illness that has ravaged their bodies or suffered an acute injury, all patients who come to RHI do so with a hope that they can recover some or all of the talents, skills, and dignity they may have lost in their unique ordeals. RHI aims to provide personalized, compassionate care that enables individuals to regain hope and independence after life-changing injury or illness.

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