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WKW Files Complaint Against Southern Indiana Podiatrist

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Updated June 30, 2019 |

We have filed our first complaint against a former Southern Indiana podiatrist. Our firm claims the doctor negligently treated our client, which resulted in below the knee amputation. While conducting our research, we believe more patients may have been negligently treated, including potential ill-advised ankle replacement surgery using an external fixator.

External fixators are used to stabilize and align fractured bones. Screws are placed into the bone above and below the fracture, and the external fixator is attached to the screws from the outside of the skin. The external fixator can then be adjusted to realign the bone during the healing process.

If you or a loved one has had an ankle or foot surgery using an external fixator or an ankle replacement surgery gone bad, call WKW at 317.920.6400 or fill out an online contact form for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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