WKW Attends Joseph Maley Foundation Open House

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August 19, 2013 |

WKW partner Bill Winingham and marketing coordinator Matt Houston attended the Joseph Maley Foundation (JMF) open house, held on Thursday, January 24.

Joseph Maley Foundation Open House


In September of 2012, JMF opened the 4,500 square feet Joseph Maley Foundation Enrichment Center. The open house gave supporters, volunteers, and families the opportunity to tour their new facility and get a look at the foundation’s highlights from 2012. JMF was founded in 2008 by John Maley and wife Vivian Maley to serve children and young adults of all abilities.

Kids on the Block


These puppets are from JMF’s Kids on the Block program. This program teaches awareness and acceptance of all others with the help of child-sized puppets.¬† The first puppet troupe of eighth graders was established in 2009. After extensive training in the effective use of these puppets, the puppet troupe hosts puppet shows and Q&A sessions to teach pre-kindergarten through fourth grade students the importance of accepting others.

We’re proud supporters of the Joseph Maley Foundation and their programs. If you’d like more information about JMF or interested in volunteering, please¬†visit their website.

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