Runaway Bounce Houses

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Updated May 29, 2019

Earlier this year, a bounce house became airborne with children inside. One child fell from about fifteen feet, landing on the road and breaking several bones. The other child fell onto a car from about twenty feet, causing a head injury.

This news story went viral, causing people to question the safety of inflatable bounce houses.

Bounce House Injury Statistics

A 2012 study released in the Journal of Pediatrics found that the number of children injured in bounce houses has doubled from 2008 to 2010, when 11,300 kids were injured. The majority of those injuries were broken bones, followed by bumps and bruises.

Safety Tips

Bounce houses have increased in popularity since 2008, but the associated costs have decreased substantially, allowing homeowners to purchase or rent an inflatable bouncer for a normal weekend activity. Bounce houses should be anchored to the ground with heavy-duty metal stakes, not the flimsy plastic stakes included with some smaller bounce houses being sold.

Bounce houses can be a fun warm weather activity for your children. Make sure the bounce house is properly anchored to the ground and the weather is safe. Wind is the number one enemy of an inflatable.

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