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Chris Stevenson

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Chris: I live on a farm in Southeast Tippecanoe County. We have goats, sheep, chickens, and some horses. We enjoy working together as a family, the five boys and Debbie and I, because working on a farm and taking care of animals teaches great family values that we think are great team-building tools. Some of the things that I enjoy doing outside the office include riding my horse. It’s very relaxing to me to get on a horse and go for a trail ride. We’ll do that as a family sometimes as well.

There are other things that I like to do outside the farm too, and that’s writing. I’ve written a children’s book that is going to be published, and I’m excited about that as well.

Bruce Kehoe: Chris Stevenson brings a wealth of technical knowledge to our cases, whether it’s in aviation or product liability. With his undergraduate degree in aviation technology, he’s a natural and a very powerful team player for our clients.

Bill Winingham: We all know that Chris is a pilot, but what you may not know is that Chris is also a musician. Chris has even written a children’s book on the Revolutionary War. He’s a father of five boys. He lives on a farm, and he actually works the farm. I don’t know how Chris does all these things, but he does, and he does them very well.

Chris: Having a farm and a family and a great job where I get to help people through my legal work at Wilson Kehoe Winingham—it’s very rewarding, very satisfying. I feel very blessed.

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