Updated February 18, 2020

How Do I Choose a Nursing Home?

When it’s time to move your elderly loved one into a long-term care facility, you need to do your research. Abuse is a reality for approximately 10 percent of people age 60 and older in the United States, and although statistics vary widely, abuse and neglect can happen in nursing homes.

Take these tips and warning signs into account when searching for a nursing home.

Should you visit Potential Nursing Homes?

Nothing is more important than visiting potential facilities in person. Be sure to stop by at various times—during the day, in the evening, on weekends, during mealtimes or activities, etc.—to make sure care is consistent. Ask questions, be observant, and trust your gut.

What are some Warning Signs?

While visiting long-term care facilities, look out for these warning signs.

Absent or Disrespectful Staff Members

The nursing home staff should be familiar with and respectful of the residents, knowing their names and taking the time to speak with them. Additionally, the facility should not be understaffed; pay attention to the ratio of staff to residents.

History of Violations

A facility with a history of severe violations, failed inspections, or staff complaints is a big red flag. Fortunately, there is an excellent nursing home research tool—the comparative search tool—on the Medicare website. You can use the tool to search for and compare nursing homes via ZIP code. If a facility has a low star rating, read the nursing home’s full report to see details of previous violations.

Lack of Choices or Variety

Structure and routine are important, of course, but a lack of choices and variety is worrying. Nursing home residents should have the choice of what and when to eat, when to sleep and wake up, and what to wear. Look for variety in meal options and entertainment, too.

Noisy or Chaotic Environment

When you walk into the nursing home, the environment should be relaxing. This is your elderly loved one’s new home, so they should be able to feel comfortable. A noisy or chaotic environment can lead to agitation and stress.

Strict Visiting Hours

Pay attention to the facility’s visitation policy. You should be able to visit your loved one whenever you are able, and the nursing home should make it easy for you to do so. Make sure you can visit all throughout the day as well as join them for activities and meals.

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