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Your Case, Your Future: You’re in Charge

Updated May 2, 2022 | By Wilson Kehoe Winingham staff

An injury after an accident can have lifelong consequences. You have enough to worry about with your recovery; you want your attorney to handle the legwork of your case.

When we say we’re on your side, we mean it. That means taking care of the research and handling the paperwork and negotiations. What it doesn’t mean is taking charge; the decisions are yours.

Speaking on Your Behalf—Not Speaking for You

If, after some negotiations, you are offered a settlement, it’s up to you whether to take it. Your attorney will offer advice, based on education and years of experience, whether they think the settlement is fair. In the end, it’s your call; your lawyer will advise you, not speak for you.

You give your lawyer the authority to negotiate on your behalf, but your attorney will not make financial decisions or choices without consulting you. If you want to decline a settlement and ask for a higher amount, that’s your call.

We will always inform you and offer advice, but you’re not obligated to act on it. We strive to support our clients’ decisions in every way possible.

You Are Always in Control

Most cases settle out of court, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept whatever settlement you’re offered. Just having a lawyer by your side generally means you’ll receive a higher offer than you might if you were to negotiate without legal counsel. We encourage you to take your lawyer’s advice—but it’s not a requirement.

If you’d like to decline a settlement and potentially file a lawsuit, your legal team will prepare your case for trial. We’ll let you know what to expect if you choose to appear in court and testify before a jury. We’ll put our knowledge and experience to work for you, explaining every option and the possible outcomes of each.

Your attorney will arm you with their knowledge and experience—but ultimately it’s you who will wield the pen.

There Is No Crystal Ball

While no personal injury lawyer possesses a crystal ball that will predict exact details of your future, our team of experienced attorneys have a broad background in many types of personal injury cases.

If you’re severely injured or have injuries that are difficult to treat, you could be looking down the barrel of a long recovery—which could become very costly. Your lawyer may be able to offer crucial insight into your likely expenses for the future, be they short term or lifelong.

Quantifying Future Harm

The long-reaching effects of an injury are not limited to medical expenses. A number of factors figure into how your injuries will influence your future:

  • Cost of medical equipment
  • Nursing care expenses
  • Cancelled plans, such as a vacation or family event
  • Missed opportunities at work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of fertility

Your attorney can help you to quantify the likely effect on your future your injuries will have. This step is important when determining the amount of compensation you should seek. By considering all the ways in which your plans have to change because of your injuries, your lawyer can help you receive compensation for the lifestyle changes you may be facing.

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