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Johnathon Terhaar Honored as Colts Horseshoe Hero

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Updated September 5, 2019 |

Johnathon Terhaar Colts 12th

Johnathon Terhaar is a nine-year-old student at Hagerstown Elementary School. Johnathon was chosen as the WKW-sponsored Horseshoe Hero during the Colts vs Bears game on August 22, 2015.

Johnathon recognizes there is a need for the working poor and has been behind a series of random acts of kindness focused on unsung workers. He does what he does because he believes there are people who work all the time and are not appreciated and do not get the help they need in hard times. He believes in paying it forward and letting people know they are appreciated. He says he has everything he needs, but there are people who don’t have much, so he tries to bless them.

Congrats, Johnathon!

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