Will I Have to Go to Court?

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Many people are worried about the idea that they would have to go to court. The vast majority of times, you do not have to go to court in order to successfully resolve your case. In the end, it is always the client’s decision as to whether to accept a settlement offer or not.

There are many alternatives to going to court. One alternative is mediation, which is a process by which you meet and attempt to negotiate a settlement with the other side before you go to court. Another way is arbitration.  Sometimes an arbitration panel is formed, and they listen to the evidence, and they give a verdict instead of you going to court.

In almost every case with any kind of merit to it, there’s going to be a settlement offer made by the insurance company to settle the case. Your lawyer will sit down and talk to you, give you advice, let you know whether the offer is a fair offer or not. In the end it is your case, and you’re the one who would make the decision as to whether to accept a particular settlement offer or reject it. So really the decision as to whether to go to court or not is in your hands.

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