How Do I Prove an Injury?

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There are many different ways to prove a particular type of injury.

One way that is typical is to go and either take the deposition of the treating doctor or have the doctor come to court if you’re going to have a trial and have the doctor explain what the injury is. Importantly, the doctor needs to say that this injury is a result of the accident in question. The doctor also needs to give an opinion as to whether the injury is permanent or not and, if so, what the outcome will be down the road.

In addition, medical records can be put into evidence, and the medical records themselves can be used to show what the injury is, what the diagnosis is, what the prognosis is, and those types of things. However, one thing you have to know is that if the medical record is used in evidence, there needs to be a medical expert such as a physician to explain the terms in the medical records and explain to the jury what they mean.

Also, the testimony of the injured person himself or herself an be used to explain how they have been suffering from the injury. One thing that is done that can be very effective is that friends, family members, work colleagues can all come in and talk about the effects of the injuries on the person. Those witness can come in and say “Here’s how this person was before this accident. Here’s how they changed after the accident.” That way, the jury can appreciate not just what the injury is but the effects of the injury on the injured person.

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