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Post-Surgery Prescription Mistakes

Updated March 8, 2019 | By Wilson Kehoe Winingham staff

Mistakes can happen at any point during surgery—even after you think the surgery is complete, errors in prescriptions and medication can occur. These injuries are different from those caused by medical equipment in the operating room, but they’re still the result of doctor error and can have adverse effects on a patient’s health.

Surgical Drug Mistakes

Surgical prescription errors take many forms and can happen before, during, and after a surgical procedure. When it comes to post-surgical care, these mistakes include drug labeling errors, an incorrect dosage, or other documentation mistakes.

These are often the result of errors in communication and a failure to double-check paperwork and prescriptions. The mistake can fall on the ordering physician, pharmacist, nurse administering the medication, or another medical professional involved in the healthcare process.

It’s important to ensure these mistakes are found and corrected, as the results could be deadly. For example, some patients have drug allergies, there could be an interaction with another drug the patient has been prescribed, or an incorrect dose could result in a medical overdose.

When Prescription Mistakes Happen

When it comes to operating rooms, rigorous safety checks could get overlooked as a result of the fast pace of the environment. Circumstances can change quickly, and fast decisions and actions are required to save lives. However, most prescription errors are the result of human error and are, therefore, preventable.

For example, a doctor’s handwriting could be misread. Prescriptions could have similar names but treat completely different conditions. A patient could be allergic to one type of medication or be taking another drug that leads to a dangerous reaction. A physician is supposed to keep these factors in mind when treating a patient. If they don’t, they can be held liable for their prescription mistakes.

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The wrong prescription or dosage can result in lifelong injuries or even death. Surgical errors are preventable, but they still happen. Doctors should be held accountable for upholding the standard of care.

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