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Construction Accidents: Risks, Facts, and Repercussions

Updated May 28, 2019 | By Wilson Kehoe Winingham staff

Construction accidents carry a higher incidence of risk than many other professions. Workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals, heavy machinery, and hazardous building materials, and they risk falling from scaffolding or other heights. Often, a construction site will not be properly marked for dangerous areas, and a hazard could be a danger to a driver or someone passing through the site.

Indiana Construction Accident Statistics

In Indiana, among the 151,600 construction workers in 2008, 6,300 were injured, which is a rate of 4.6 per 1,000 construction workers—a bit below the national average of 4.7. Additionally, there were 19 fatalities.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

Generally an employee cannot sue their employer for on-the job-injuries other than using the workers’ compensation system. However, at times, the owner of the premises, the general contractor, or other contractors could be liable for your injury. Carelessness or negligent behavior in a dangerous environment like this can lead to injury or death on the part of a worker or bystander.

Watch out for the four most common causes of construction accidents.


Falls can be caused by unprotected sides, wall openings, or floor holes; improper scaffold construction; unguarded, protruding steel bars; or the misuse of portable ladders.

Struck by an Object

People can be seriously hurt by falling objects, especially when they fall from significant heights. Additionally, being struck by a moving vehicle can cause harm.


Contact with power lines, lack of ground-fault, a missing or discontinuous path to the ground, or the improper use of equipment and cords can all lead to electrocution.

Caught Between Objects

Being caught between objects is often due to a lack or absence of a proper protective system.

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