What Are the Tools and Technologies Used in Determining the Severity of a Brain Injury?

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One of the benefits to being called upon rather frequently to represent clients with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) is you’re benefited by being day-to-day familiar with all of the tools both medically and legally to image the brain injury. Be that an MRI, be it a CT scan, or even a colorized PET scan, now, can be useful both from a diagnostic standpoint and, of course, they can be incredibly powerful tools in communicating visually what parts of the brain were actually injured in the dramatic event.

Neuropsychologists can pinpoint specific areas of the brain that can then be mapped visually. Dealing with that kind of forensic evidence, we’ve found to be very persuasive. It’s important for an experienced lawyer to bring those tools to bear to help ensure that a TBI client is going to get the full measure of a recovery that they’re entitled to.

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