Common Causes of Brain Injuries in Children

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Updated December 27, 2018 | Brain Injuries |


Kids bump their heads all the time. They fall down, get knocked off their bikes, and play sports. They often appear to bounce back from knocks, bruises, or small cuts. However, just because they don’t always show symptoms doesn’t mean that there is no damage. The developing brain is especially fragile.

Injuries during childhood are often accidental, but they can also be the result of someone’s negligent behavior. If this is the case, consider hiring an attorney.

Common Causes for Brain Injuries in Children

Remember the most common causes of brain injuries so you are better prepared the next time your child takes an inevitable tumble.


Falls are the leading cause of head injuries in children. If a kid falls three to five feet or higher, call the family doctor—even if the child looks unharmed and seems to be functioning normally. Symptoms of a brain injury aren’t always noticeable to an untrained eye, but a good doctor should be able to spot them.

Car Accidents

If an accident occurred at a high-speed and a child wasn’t fastened in a car seat or seat belt properly, they are at an increased risk of whiplash, which can result in a brain injury. Receiving such injuries at a young age could negatively impact any developing brain. Even if there are no signs of an injury, take the child to a doctor after any car wreck.

Pedestrian or Bicycle Accidents

If kids are playing outside or riding their bikes, it’s likely that at some point they’ll fall or run into something. They might even be struck by another object. The result can be a hard hit to the ground, which could easily rattle the brain enough to cause a concussion. A good helmet will reduce the risk of a brain injury after a bike accident, and it’s equally important that every kid knows road safety laws.

Sports Injuries

Contact sports in particular are known for leaving athletes burdened with serious side effects from concussions. It’s crucial that children be checked by a doctor after a hard hit or fall while playing sports, especially football.

Child Abuse

Injuries to a child’s head or neck can cause a concussion or serious brain injury. Any intense shaking of the upper body can also impact the head and neck and cause permanent damage. Especially in the case of child abuse, it is important to consult with a brain injury attorney following medical care.

Brain Injury Recovery

The good news it that it’s possible to recover from head injuries. Even mild brain injuries can have a good prognosis if the injury is caught early and closely monitored. The most important thing for parents to remember is that your kids need you to make good judgment calls, especially about their health.

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