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When to consider hiring a lawyer after a Dog Bite

April 27, 2015 Personal Injury

According to the Center’s for Disease Control (CDC) more than 4 million people annually are bitten by dogs. Unfortunately, more than 20,000 of these victims have to undergo some type of reconstructive surgery to help repair these injuries.

Indiana laws regarding dog bites

While Indiana is one of the 18 states that has what is known as a “one bite” rule, meaning the owner must be aware their animal has a propensity for biting others, they are also responsible for controlling their pets at all times. In some cases, owners may be held criminally liable if reasonable steps were not taken to restrain the dog.

Children are typically the victims

Sadly, most victims of dog bites are children. Not only will they have to live with a life-long fear of strange dogs, they are often going to carry serious scars for the rest of their lives. As a parent, you are going to face mounting medical bills to care for your child after a dog bite, especially if they require reconstructive surgery to minimize scarring.

How a dog bite lawyer can help

Dogs make wonderful pets and many of us have them in their home. However, when a neighbor’s dog turns on your child, there is little doubt that you are frightened and concerned. Chances are you are also familiar about the laws and this is when you may want to call an injury lawyer for assistance.

What you may not know is that dog owners can be liable for injuries caused by their pet in three ways under Indiana laws:

  • One bite rule – owners can be liable for damages even if the dog has never bitten before or for any reason the owners are unaware that dog may be dangerous.
  • Strict liability – even if the owner has not acted carelessly, they may still be legally responsible for any injuries that are caused by their pet.
  • Negligence – if a pet owner has not taken reasonable action to control their pet and prevent a bite they may be liable under Indiana’s negligence laws.

If you or your child was bitten by a dog, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will be able to provide you with guidance as to whether a lawsuit is even necessary. Contact Wilson Kehoe Winingham for a free case evaluation and we will review your case and help you determine the best way to proceed.

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