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Long-term Costs of Traumatic Brain Injury

October 9, 2014 Brain Injuries, Truck Accident

Long-term Costs of Traumatic Brain InjuryA recent article from Bloomberg News takes an in-depth look at a truck accident that resulted in the death of one woman and serious injuries to her two teen-aged sons. One of her sons sustained fractures to the pelvis and eye socket from which he ultimately recovered. Her other son, whose skull was crushed, suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The long-term costs of his TBI are numerous and include the following:

  • He needs a wheelchair and has serious deficiencies in coordination and balance.
  • He went from being a top student and avid reader to having difficulty speaking and processing new information; he has problems enunciating and finding words.
  • He can’t see out of one eye, and only has vision in half of his other eye.
  • He requires a lot of care from his father and currently lives in a home with extensive (and expensive) modifications for his disabilities.
  • The ongoing care he needs includes regular therapy and rehabilitation.

It’s unclear how much he’ll be able to further recover. With constant care, he has shown improvements in the years since the accident occurred, but will likely always have some disabilities or impairments in functioning.

The costs of a brain injury are often numerous and can extend well beyond the initial medical treatments, which in this case included surgeries, long hospital stays, and a period of time spent in a medically induced coma. Brain injuries negatively impact people’s quality of life and their academic and work prospects. The long-term effects also include costly lifestyle changes.

If you or a loved one has suffered brain damage, who will help pay for the costs? In this case, the boy’s father was able to obtain a settlement from the company who employed the truck driver. Not all companies, however, will have large amounts of liability insurance.

To help you cope with the various costs of the brain injury, it’s important to contactbrain injury lawyer who will be sensitive to your needs and fight for you to obtain as much coverage and compensation as possible. This includes settlements from insurance companies and, in some situations, a civil suit when someone’s negligence contributed to the injury.

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