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Falling Objects in Construction Areas

November 27, 2015 Construction Accidents, Personal Injury

Falling Objects in Construction Areas

Injuries caused by falling objects can be devastating, even life threatening. Although falling objects can strike any part of the body, in most cases the head takes a blow in this type of accident. This can lead to brain injury ranging from a mild concussion to permanent brain damage.

The majority of injuries from falling objects happen on construction sites. In fact, fallen debris is a leading cause of construction injuries.

Construction Site Safety Standards

Construction sites have certain safety standards that, if not followed, can result in someone being struck by tools or debris falling from a high place. Indeed, construction industry safety standards are in place specifically to prevent these and other injuries. The law requires construction companies, contractors and workers to take measures to prevent foreseeable harm.

Common Mistakes That Can Cause Injury From Falling Objects

When workers don’t take proper measures to prevent tools or debris from falling from a high place, workers or passersby below may be injured. Some of the most common examples of mistakes that may cause this type of accident include:

  • Failure to secure tools or other equipment
  • Failure to inspect hooks, chains or other means of securing equipment
  • Barricades placed too close to dangerous areas
  • Insufficient signage warning passersby to keep out
  • Failure to enforce the use of hard hats and other safety equipment

Passersby can easily become injured if construction companies don’t effectively warn of danger. Barricade placement and warning signs prevent injury and even save lives. The law holds construction companies liable for injuries sustained as a result of their negligence in preventing, or at least warning of, hazardous conditions.

Have You Been Hurt by a Fallen Object?

If you or someone you love was injured by falling debris, you may be able to collect compensation for your injury. If the object fell because of someone’s careless behavior, or if there was no warning that you were in a dangerous area, the law may be able to help.

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