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Category: Products Liability

The Growing Evidence of Dangers From E-Cigarettes

May 4, 2017


E-cigarettes hit the market in 2007 and quickly caught on. Marketed as a means for reducing or quitting cigarette smoking, they are almost certainly less harmful than cigarettes, although estimates …

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Airbag Manufacturer Faces Billion-Dollar Settlement

February 13, 2017

Takata, whose faulty airbag components led to the worldwide recall of tens of millions of vehicles, has reached a settlement with the US Justice Department. The settlement, announced in January, …

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Defective Airbag Lawsuit Saga Continues

November 10, 2016

More chapters are being written in the ongoing story of the largest automotive-related recall in history—the Takata airbag. The recall has now affected about 100 million vehicles. A separate defect …

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E-Cigarettes: Explosions and Personal Injuries

October 28, 2016

E-cigarettes have been adopted by millions of users across the world. They are designed to deliver fewer carcinogens to the body by releasing vapor instead of secondhand smoke. However, there have been many reports …

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Snapchat and Car Crashes

August 8, 2016

Technology professionals have long used the concept of a “killer app,” an application so useful or game changing that it can quickly move users onto a new platform or change the …

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Personal Injury News: Fisher-Price Recalls Infant Swings

August 4, 2016

Fisher-Price recently recalled several models of infant cradle swings due to a defect that could lead to the seat falling unexpectedly from the swing base and causing personal injury. Although …

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Subaru Recall: Take Immediate Action

July 27, 2016

Subaru recently announced a recall with stronger language than most manufacturers use in similar situations: Owners of the affected vehicles were asked to “please not drive your car until it …

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Product Liability Rules for Asbestos Changed in Recent Ruling

May 27, 2016

An Indiana Supreme Court decision last month changed the Product Liability rule for asbestos products, clearing the way for more mesothelioma suits in the state. The April ruling overturned part of the …

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Workplace Injuries Down, Fatalities Up

April 14, 2016

There was good news and bad news when it comes to workplace safety last year: serious workplace injury and illness was down from the previous year, but fatal on-the-job accidents …

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Oven Causes Indianapolis House Fire

March 30, 2016

Firefighters from Indianapolis and Speedway recently responded to a call on Corwyn Road to find a single-family house in flames. Although smoke alarms alerted the residents and no one was …

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