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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

June 6, 2014 Info Articles, Personal Injury

business man shrugChoosing the right Personal Injury Lawyer for your case and personality is important. Knowing your attorney understands you and exactly what you’re looking for not only gives peace of mind, it makes you feel safe. Here are 5 things to ask yourself when choosing a personal injury attorney to represent you in your car accident case.

1. What is The Attorney’s Experience with Car Accidents?

This may seem way too obvious, but one of the things that can be compromised in your decision making process when confronted with having to pursue compensation from a negligent third party, is fully vetting just how much experience your attorney has with car accidents. Just like any other discipline, not all attorneys practice all kinds of law. Ask the right questions – like, how much of their practice consists of personal injury cases that are directly related to motor vehicle accidents and how many have been successful. An experienced and ethical personal injury attorney will have no problem relating that information.

2. What Resources Does Your PI Attorney Have to Pursue Your Case?

Settling a car accident case is not all about the applicable Indiana laws. It’s also about knowing how to thoroughly dissect a case to establish who exactly is responsible for your compensation and to quantify what the financial recompense should be to put your life back together. That means partnering with experts like private investigators and other professionals who know exactly what damage has been done and how to put a number on it. Because, as you may already know, the insurance company’s version of what that number is will most likely be much different.

3. Will You be able to Speak to Your Attorney Directly?

There’s nothing wrong with speaking to a paralegal, or a legal assistant, but sometimes you want to hear from your attorney directly. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can have as much direct contact with your attorney as makes you feel comfortable. An experienced and seasoned personal injury attorney will understand these needs and have no problem accommodating your wishes.

4. What is the Attorney’s reputation in the community?

Credentials are important, but an attorney’s reputation both amongst his clients and peers is very important as well. One of the many reasons why you want an attorney with a solid reputation is that everyone, including the insurance company representatives your attorney will be communicating with – know that they are dealing with a formidable lawyer who means business and gets things done.

5. Are you comfortable talking with the attorney about every little detail?

Again, this may seem like an obvious point – but, you should feel absolutely comfortable with an attorney before you retain them. This will be your partner, ally, and friend throughout what is sometimes a contentious, scary experience. The attorney client relationship is a partnership and you must feel that your partner has all your interests at heart and will fight as intelligently and as hard as possible to achieve the best possible settlement.

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