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Tips for Flying with Children and Infants

Updated March 8, 2019 | By Wilson Kehoe Winingham staff

Aviation accidents are rare, but they can be especially frightening if you are flying with your child. Be sure to use these safety tips in order to protect your children while flying on commercial airplanes.

Federal Regulations

Most airlines in the United States allow children under two years of age to be held on a person’s lap during a flight. However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) strongly discourages this practice. It is extremely difficult for a passenger to hold an infant securely during unexpected turbulence or when other incidents occur mid-flight, and the child is therefore at risk of injury.

Instead, the agency recommends that passengers traveling with children purchase a government-approved child safety restraint system or device to best protect their children.

Child Restraint Systems

A child restraint system (CRS) is a hard-backed child safety seat that can be used in both motor vehicles and aircraft. The FAA approves some, but not all, CRSs.

When purchasing a CRS, make sure it is approved by the federal government and has the following phrase printed on the label: “This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.” A CRS should fit in most airplane seats as long as it is no wider than 16 inches, and it should be installed only in forward-facing seats.

If you have purchased a ticket for your child and your approved CRS does not fit in the seat, the airline is required to find another seat in the same flight class that accommodates your CRS.

Pre-Flight Checklist

Use this pre-flight checklist to help you prepare to fly with a child or infant:

  • Purchase an FAA-approved CRS
  • Research airline seating policies
  • Book your tickets as early as possible, and reserve seats together
  • Book children on the same reservation as adults
  • Pack snacks and toys to keep your child entertained during the flight
  • Arrive at the airport early on the day of your flight

If you have trouble with seat reservations or questions about your flight, contact the airline directly or visit its website.

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