Bruce and Bill work with a trial team consisting of law clerks, paralegals, attorneys, medical experts and investigators. Under the supervision of the partners, this experienced support staff handles legal research, takes depositions, drafts motions, and investigates and develops demonstrative evidence for the settlement or trial of cases.

Name Extension Email Position
Bruce Kehoe 211 Attorney
William Winingham 212 Attorney
Chris Stevenson 246 Attorney
Jon Noyes 248 Attorney
Cynthia Baldauf 241 Paralegal
Angela Briley 222 Paralegal
Amy Bruntlett 233 Paralegal
Sherrie Frydell 218 Paralegal
Sherri Kehoe 237 Legal Nurse Consultant
Angela Myers 228 Paralegal
Elaine Salgado 224 Bilingual Paralegal
Heidi Chestnut 234 Word Processing
Matt Houston 213 Marketing Manager
Jayne Hayden 210 Receptionist
Julie Mann 220 Word Processing
Natalie Wright 226 Copy Center
Kasey Polk 245 Law Clerk
Caroline Emhardt 238 Law Clerk
Neil Womack 230 Information Technology
Megan Bellamy 235 Paralegal
Lauren Anno 227 Legal Nurse Consultant
Ben Broadhead 219 Law Clerk
Elizabeth Tingen 217 Law Clerk


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