Updated April 28, 2019

More Ignition Switch Recalls for General Motors

16.5 million. That’s the total number of vehicles in North America that have been recalled by General Motors (GM) in 2014. That number surpasses GM’s full-year recall record of 10.75 million set in 2004.

GM Recalls Camaros

Early last week, GM recalled 512,000 Chevrolet Camaros from 2010 to 2014 because a driver’s knee can bump the key and knock the switch out of the “run” position, causing the engine to stall and disabling the power steering and brakes, which could cause drivers to lose control.

The Camaro’s ignition switch problem was discovered during internal testing after the initial GM ignition switch recall. The 2.6 million cars recalled earlier this year have been the center of federal investigations, lawsuits, and a $35 million fine from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after it was revealed that GM knew for more than a decade that the small-car switches were faulty and didn’t recall them until early this year.

GM is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the Camaro ignition switch problems, but the earlier recall caused more than 50 crashes and at least 13 deaths. If you own a Chevrolet Camaro 2010–2014, call your local dealer to discuss what options you have.

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