Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune & Money Features Medical Malpractice Team Bruce & Sherri Kehoe

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November 16, 2016 |

Bruce and Sherri Kehoe of WKW were featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune & Money for their unique approach to medical malpractice cases in Indianapolis. Sherri, a legal nurse consultant, and Bruce, an experienced lawyer focusing on medical malpractice law, have coupled their medical knowledge for 30 years (and counting). Sherri’s nursing degree gives her the opportunity to objectively comb through medical records with an eye for crucial details and discrepancies that ensure a rock-solid medical malpractice case.

Sherri isn’t the only one with a medical background: Before Bruce attended law school, he first practiced as a physical therapist. It was during his time wholly immersed in the medical industry that his interest for law ignited, thus creating the nationally recognized trial lawyer that he is today.

To read more about WKW’s unyielding legal medical malpractice team, take a look at the following article:


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