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Getting injured accidentally while playing your favorite sport in the backyard at a family BBQ is one thing. It’s a whole other scenario when you’ve been injured at the hands of someone negligent.

After an accident, you might find that you’re asking yourself how you’ll deal with the next step, pay for medical bills, or repair your car. How will your injury affect your lifestyle and your family? You may be feeling vulnerable and stuck, suffering daily, and even dealing with permanent disabilities as a result of the accident. We can’t deny that it’s hard to find dependable advice after you’ve been in an accident, but the Terre Haute personal injury attorneys at Wilson Kehoe Winingham can offer a solution.

You don’t have to stay awake at night and try to solve this problem on your own. Our Indiana accident attorneys are equipped with years of experience and are more than prepared to put forth all of their efforts into finding relief for accident victims in Terre Haute, Indiana. Whether your injury is a result of an auto accident, medical malpractice, or the fault of a company, you deserve relief.

Representing Injury Victims in Terre Haute

Our firm focuses on helping the victims of personal injuries, including:

  • Auto Accidents – Vehicle accidents don’t have to be severe to cause monumental damage. All it takes is one second to alter the rest of your life, but a car accident lawyer can help offset your loss. You shouldn’t have to pay for the physical, emotional, or financial damage brought on by another party.
  • Workplace Accidents – Working with large machinery or spending your days around dangerous substances has its risks. However, you still expect your workplace to keep you safe at all costs. Workplace injuries are common, and you may deserve compensation from injuries sustained on the job. Speak with a workplace accident attorney if you have been injured while at work.
  • Premises Liability – When people slip and fall on someone else’s property or have been injured due to unsafe conditions on property that’s not their own, a premises liability claim could be a strong option to find relief.
  • Products Liability – When you’re standing in line at a store, you never imagine that the very product you’re purchasing will harm you. But products aren’t always manufactured as predicted and can cause unexpected injuries.
  • Insurance Claim Denials – While they do exist to help us, insurance companies sometimes act as if they have other agendas. You may find yourself out of thousands of dollars due to a denied or underpaid claim denial.
  • Medical Malpractice – Local Terre Haute hospitals and medical facilities offer reliable treatment. We depend on the doctors, nurses, and assistants to better us when we’re ill or injured. Sadly, that’s not always the outcome, and we may leave with injuries that we didn’t arrive with. Our medical malpractice attorneys will advocate for you in these difficult and trying circumstances.
  • Nursing Home and Elder Abuse – As the elderly population increases, more of our loved ones will be at risk of nursing home abuse. If you fear that your loved one is being abused in a nursing home facility in Terre Haute or surrounding Indiana communities, they may be entitled to compensation.

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Our bottom line is to provide injured persons relief when they need it most. We won’t turn you away if you have questions about your injuries, accident, or anything in between. Schedule a consultation with our Terre Haute personal injury attorneys to discuss the most strategic move forward. Call 317.920.6400 or fill out an online contact form for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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