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Passenger In Vehicle Sustains Fatal Injuries In Truck Collision

August 19, 2013 Truck Accidents

Passenger In Vehicle Sustains Fatal Injuries In Truck Collision

A 15 year-old girl was traveling as a passenger in a vehicle in which the driver turned left and pulled out in front of oncoming traffic. An approaching semi tractor-trailer driver swerved to the left across his lane and collided with the crossing vehicle. The girl suffered massive injuries and died. WKW’s investigation established that the truck driver had been speeding and his reaction to the situation, in which he pulled into the oncoming lane of traffic, was in violation of standard training for truck drivers and actually caused the collision, which would not have happened if he had stayed in his lane. In addition the truck driver had been undergoing treatment for severe sleep apnea and fatigue the very night before his deposition in this case and had concealed this information from his employer, whose policies may have kept him from driving while undergoing treatment. WKW successfully settled the case before trial.

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