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Semi Hits Spencer-Owen School Bus

March 3, 2017 Truck Accident

A bus full of students got a real scare last month when a semi-truck veered from its lane, struck their bus, and pushed the bus completely off the road. No students were seriously hurt, but the bus driver was hospitalized with head and hand injuries after the crash.

Truck Driver Ticketed

The crash happened on the morning of February 6 in Owen County, about an hour southwest of Indianapolis. The bus was carrying students in the Spencer-Owen district to school when the semi-truck, driven by a Terre Haute man, crossed the line and struck the bus nearly head-on and then scraped along its side, shoving it off the road. Photos from the scene show that the left front tire of the bus was torn off and part of the vehicle’s lower compartment ripped open. Several windows were smashed.

The truck driver was cited after the after crash for driving left of center and driving too fast for road conditions.

Students Okay, Driver Praised

The bus was carrying thirty-one students. About a dozen of them were treated at local hospitals for minor cuts and pains, but none appear to have been seriously injured. The bus driver was injured more seriously but is already out of the hospital. Police on the scene credited him for his skill in keeping the bus upright after it was forced off the road, saying that the accident could easily have turned out much worse if the bus had rolled when it left the pavement.

Bus Crash Risk Low, but Real

Buses of all kinds (including school buses) are generally very safe, but crashes happen to all vehicles. In 2015 (the most recent year with complete information), 295 people died in crashes involving buses. Passengers on those buses, however, remain fairly safe: only forty-nine of those fatalities were on a bus. The rest were pedestrians or in other vehicles.

School buses are very safe relative to all other motor vehicles, averaging only about six passenger fatalities per year, making them roughly seven times safer than a passenger car, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers

Despite the low level of risk, these crashes still happen. As this incident shows, even a safe vehicle with a skilled driver can get into trouble when another driver doesn’t follow the rules and endangers others. Property will be damaged and injuries will occur.

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