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Personal Injury Lawyers and the Myth of Greed

July 1, 2015 Info Articles, Personal Injury

There are a number of common misconceptions about personal injury law, and personal injury attorneys in particular.

There are those who throw around the term “ambulance chaser,” as though injury lawyers battle each other to be the first to reach an injured person and take the case.

Some people characterize personal injury lawyers as greedy and unscrupulous—whether meant as a criticism or a compliment.

Many people assume lawyers are expensive, and that they can’t afford legal help.

Another widely held (and mistaken) belief is that attorneys routinely go after individuals, suing for their personal property and assets.

While all this is excellent fodder for comedians and late-show hosts, these views are not the reality of personal injury law.

Myth: Attorneys Are Expensive

Often, when someone is injured, he or she may be reluctant to contact a lawyer even if the injury was someone else’s fault. The injury victim may assume legal help is an unaffordable luxury and that he or she just has to find a way to deal with medical bills and lost wages without outside help.

In reality, you will never owe money out of pocket to your personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will front all court fees, as well as related costs such as expert witnesses. If the case is successful, your legal team will be reimbursed and paid from the settlement amount. The remainder of the settlement goes directly to the injured client.

Myth: Lawyers File Frivolous Lawsuits

Personal injury attorneys have nothing to gain by filing frivolous lawsuits, nor is there any benefit for the client. Frivolous lawsuits rarely succeed—and if the lawsuit is not successful, the lawyer won’t be paid. What’s more, the attorney would actually lose money by paying the court costs for a suit that does not result in a settlement for the client.

Few people know that most personal injury claims are settled without going to court. Filing a lawsuit is usually the last resort, when the involved parties are unable to reach a fair settlement outside the court system. No one wants to go to court if it’s avoidable, whether as a complainant or defendant.

Myth: Attorneys Go After Individuals

The vast majority of personal injury cases are seeking payment from insurance companies, for failing to pay for damages or injuries. It’s rare for an injured party to sue an individual for damages. In some cases, a company or corporation may be the defendant in a personal injury claim, though most of the time their insurance company will pay the actual settlement.

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