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Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Settlement In Museum Fall

June 9, 2016 Personal Injury, Premises Liability

Fall warning signAn energy-efficiency engineer that suffered multiple fractures in a 38-foot fall at a Philadelphia museum has won a $7.25 million settlement. On May 10, attorneys announced the agreement between the man and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Accident Details

When the man arrived at the Rodin Museum on November 26, 2012, he allegedly asked a security officer whether it was safe to step out on a glass floor/ceiling to inspect light fixtures. He was allegedly given the go-ahead. His attorney would later allege a renovation was underway, and the museum had not posted adequate signage and or erected appropriate railings in the area. A surveillance camera recorded the fall and the moments after when bystanders came over to the man as he lay motionless on the floor below.

Many Surgeries Required

In the aftermath of the incident, the man required 15 or more surgeries, and he remained in the hospital for approximately a month-and-a-half. In the lawsuit, the man’s lawyers stated that he will require medical care for the rest of his life.

Although every accident is unique, organizations that occupy and/or own premises face potential liability in accidents. Victims often seek compensation for certain medical expenses, pain-and-suffering and lost wages.

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